ChromaLuxe celebrates 20 Certified (Plus) Labs

ChromaLuxe is pleased to report that there are now 20 Certified (Plus) Labs*. The Zürich-based print company Remo Eyer Fine Art Print successfully completed the certification process proving its ability to produce high quality prints using ChromaLuxe print media.

Steven Roesbeke, Technical Support Field Engineer at ChromaLuxe, explains: “Remo Eyer Fine Art Print submitted excellent test panels, securing their place on the list of Certified Labs. The ability to consistency reproduce both full color and monochrome images, while respecting the highest quality standards, sets these labs apart from the rest.”

The Certified Lab program was established in 2015. It is a certificate that print suppliers obtain by having tests and analyses evaluated by the technical engineers of ChromaLuxe. The Certified Lab program is highly appreciated by the printing industry and photographers, and is often used as an independent source of advice when selecting print suppliers.

Today we celebrate the fact that there are 20 ChromaLuxe Certified (Plus) Labs. The recent addition results in the following list:

Austria: Art Studio, Traboch

Belgium: Colorfields, Brussels

Authentic, Brussels

C+ Printing, Mechelen

Finland: Lightpress OY, Kaarina

France: Pacific Colour, Bonneuil sur Marne

L’Atelier 14, Sainte-Maxime

Germany: Labor Pixel Grain, Berlin

Greece: Photolab Athens, Athens

Israel: Or Many Art, Tel Aviv

Kuwait: Metal Fusion

The Netherlands: Chromio, Ede

Wilcovak BV, Hoogeveen

Re-Art BV, Almere

UK: Genesis Imaging LTD, London

Kili Arts, Slough, Berkshire

Premier Image, Winsford

Loxley Colour, Cumbernauld

Switzerland: Müller’s Aufziehservice AG, Zürich

Remo Eyer Fine Art print, Zürich

According to Eric Marichal, Sales Director Universal Woods EMEA, the growing list of Certified Labs underlines the market demand for durable high quality (photo) prints. “Our customers are constantly investing in knowledge and equipment to further push their output quality. This allows them to work at the cutting edge of printing and to serve a very specific and critical target audience.”

ChromaLuxe's objective is to offer its worldwide customers the best and widest product range in sublimatable print media.

* The Certification program is only valid in Europe, Middle East and Africa